Responsive Web Design: The Right Way to Market On Mobile

Elements of web design

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the best ways to gain the attention of your audience and potential clients is through great web design. Two-thirds of people given 15 minutes to consume online content admitted to preferring to read something beautifully designed.

This is because creativity gains the attention of the consumer and separates your marketing from other companies. A book cover, for instance, utilizing bold colors and minimal illustrations would stand out on a shelf with books with photographic covers. However, for a website to conduct proper internet marketing, it has to be more than a visually appealing site with a hand on graphic design and seo.

Responsive web design
It can be assumed modern consumers spend more time on their phones than they do on their computers. Therefore, to ensure your website is captivating an audience, it’s necessary to apply responsive web design to the HTML and CSS of your site.

Responsive web design is the HTML that tells a website to shrink or grow depending on the size, resolution, and scripting capability of a screen. If a user switches from a computer to an Android or Tablet, the website should then shrink and adjust itself to fit the screen of the technology being used to view the site.

Responsive web design is important because of the speed at which you can easily lose clients. If a website doesn’t load in a number of seconds, a consumer will click away and find their information elsewhere. Responsive web design assures your website is exhibiting only the necessary information in order to load swiftly according to the device being used. For instance, because of the size of a phone screen, loading unnecessary images that may otherwise aesthetically appeal to a computer user may slow down the load time of the website and cause the phone user click away.

However, while responsive web design requires the format of a website to simplify itself as it shrinks to fit a phone screen this doesn’t mean the visual appeal needs to disappear altogether. On any medium, a website needs to be easy to navigate in order for it to be considered user-friendly, but on phones especially web designers need to take into consideration the size of the font, the background color of the site, and the construction of mobile menus. This isn’t a call for the removal of design, but a call for a simplification and adaptation of it. In the world of web design, it’s literally a survival of the fittest.

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