Changes You Can Make To Increase Your Marketing Efficiency Online

What's your online marketing strategy?

Many small businesses rely on social media and an online presence as a means of gaining traction with their consumers. However, unless a business is effectively using their Internet marketing and consistently monitoring their advertisements’ interactions with their consumers, they may very well be wasting effort and resources.

Marketing can be done efficiently as a means of gaining online traffic, but online marketing must be used strategically. Here are a few ways to gain traffic not only online with Internet marketing strategies, but also offline in the form of printing.

    1. Responsive web design
      First and foremost, the design of a website must be responsive to the user and the screen that they are using to view your website. If your website fails to fit itself to the screen of your user, they may very well click away from your website before you even have the chance to market your products or services to them.However, fixing the responsive web design of your site is easily fixable with the help of Internet marketing companies or a web designer. Simply change the CSS and HTML5 to enable your website to shift in size according to the user screen size. But it’s not enough to change the size of the website, but you must also change the content to be simplified.

      Images that may load fairly quickly on the computer may not load quickly on a cell phone and therefore should be deleted from the mobile site. After all, up to 39% of online users will click away from a website should the site take too long to load or if the images themselves won’t load.


    1. Be personable
      The more a business interacts with its consumers online in a way that isn’t dry and professional, the more likeable the business will appear to potential consumers and the business’ current audience. If the business has a social media presence, the media should be updated every day with responses to comments. Internet marketing companies can be outsourced for this if a small business is unable to provide an in-house social media expert or analyst.


  1. Be unique with design
    Whether your marketing is online with the help of Internet marketing companies or offline in the form of print marketing, it’s essential for the design of your marketing to be unique. Stock photographs that are common and have been seen by online users countless times will not say positive things about your business should the user see them on your website.However, branding or typography that is customized may easily catch your consumers’ attention and keep them on your website or keep them looking at your printed advertisement long enough for them to catch a glimpse of your business and who you are.

It isn’t enough for a small business to rely on social media as a means of an online presence. Businesses must also utilize strong web design and communication both verbal and visual to get the consumer interaction they desire.

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