Rest In Print: Why Print Marketing Isn’t Dead

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As a small business owner who relies heavily on your budget, effective marketing is extremely important. Digital marketing and web design is the best way to get your customers’ attention because of how often the modern American is online. However, it isn’t the only way to get your customers’ attention. With web designers and SEO giving modern marketing a new face, it’s easy to forget about print marketing. Many marketers even claim that print is dead.

This isn’t necessarily true.

Of those American households that receive advertising mail (which is quite a few), 80% of them read those advertisements. Therefore, take these following reasons into account when you’re looking for the services of web design Bakersfield CA offers.

    1. Print provides personality. Websites need to include high quality content that gets directly to the point without using visuals that may distract the user. Online users come to websites for quick insight into a business and for fast information. If that information isn’t provided within three clicks, the user will go elsewhere. Customers take their time with printed content. While you should still be direct with your content, you can be more playful with where you place visual content. Additionally, you can interact more with your customer using quirky paper gimmicks.
    2. Print isn’t confined to the screen. With a website, you’re often concerned a business that the loading time won’t be fast enough or the aesthetic appeal won’t be enough to keep your customer on the page. With print, you don’t have to worry about the customer clicking away to find the information elsewhere because the information is stationary on a single medium. Additionally, you can show people printed advertisements anywhere. At the bus stop, on the sidewalk, in their mailboxes, and in magazines. The potential is endless.
    3. Print will be there when the screen isn’t. Not everyone likes to stare at their computer or phone for days. Many Americans unplug periodically from their devices in order to get in routine slices of life. So when your digital marketing isn’t available to your customers, you can still use printing to advertise to them.

When looking for services of web design Bakersfield CA offers, you should be looking for those services that also offer local printing services. As a small business, you want to market your material in a way that’s effective and the best way to do that is by using both local printing services as well as web design to your advantage.

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