How Animation Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing

Print is considered to be one of the largest industries in the business world. The reason why is understandable: print marketing is more likely to hold a reader’s attention. Printed mediums are reminiscent of books: they’re there to read at the consumer’s leisure whereas, with digital mediums, an online user expects fast and easy information.

However, the problem with Internet marketing is not that consumers prefer to read print and skim digital. It’s that those who design for Internet marketing are designing for print rather than the web. Internet marketing must be simple, to the point, legible, direct, and most importantly, it must use properties which print does not have. Specifically: animation.

Animation does well in web design Internet marketing campaigns because it offers your audience the following:

  • Entertainment
  • Memorability
  • Stimulation
  • Professionalism
  • Brand identity
  • Transcendence

With animation, your audience is taken on a marketing adventure disguised as entertainment. It makes your brand more memorable to the consumer because you’re conveying your brand identity to them in a way that stimulates multiple senses, not just their eyes. Animation can also put you on the map if your brand identity is still relatively unknown.

Why animation assists in the success of Internet marketing
Comparing print marketing to digital marketing is like comparing a printed book to film. Both are incredible in terms of what they can do, but both operate differently in order to convey a message to the consumer.

Print marketing, like books, can only get the information across to the audience visually through text and image. The consumer must piece together the information. However, web designers can use animation to convey information to consumers visually and audibly.

The triple impact of stimulation that animation offers the consumer makes the information that much more memorable. The eyes read the words at the same time the brain picks up the images at the same time the ears hear what is being said. However, it must be noted that in cases of marketing campaigns, it’s important that the animation is visually appealing to the consumer much in the same way as web design. Like graphic design, consumers care about font choices and artistic style even if they’re unconscious of it.

Incredible animation can help put your business on the road to success. By campaigning Internet marketing strategies that work in a way that conveys information quickly to consumers, you can ensure that those consumers will return to your website for more information at a later date. For more information regarding the internet marketing Bakersfield, CA has to offer, contact Deprigo Inc today.

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