How To Improve User Experience On Your Company’s Mobile Site

Elements of web design

In the modern world of internet marketing, one of your main focuses as a business should be your company’s online presence. Using graphic design that enhances the legibility and aesthetic of your website is great. Unfortunately, what’s necessary isn’t just your website’s appearance, but your website’s functionality via mobile use.

One-third of all smartphone searches were made prior to that smartphone user visiting a store. That means a user’s mobile experience on your website will determine whether or not they even walk in the door of your business. So how can you improve your company’s mobile experience to promote usability?

What does it mean for a website to be mobile-friendly?
A business must first understand what it means for a website to be mobile-friendly before they can make the necessary changes to their website. Common features of responsive web design in a mobile-friendly site include:

  • Legible content that doesn’t require zooming in
  • Easy navigation
  • Simplified web design
  • Functioning navigation menu
  • Fast loading time

These are the characteristics web designers typically aim for when designing a mobile website for a business. Having a mobile-friendly website is essential because of how often users are on their phones versus when they’re sitting down and using a computer.

Now that you know what it means for a website to be mobile-friendly, what can you do to improve your current site?

Improving the mobile usability of your website
Some of the key design choices web designers make when optimizing a business mobile site are legibility and tap target sizes.

A user can’t properly experience your company’s internet marketing strategies if they can’t read your marketing content. Legibility both on the standard site and on the mobile site is key.

The website should be adapted in order to meet the user’s needs. Buttons that are clickable on a computer screen may not be clickable on a touch screen. Ensure the sizes of your buttons such as the navigation bar and search button are large enough and responsive enough to a user’s fingers.

Other improvements you can make to your company’s mobile site include:

  • Reducing the number of redirects
  • Getting rid of any pop-ups
  • Not blocking CSS, HTML5, or JavaScript coding
  • Testing the user experience

Another way to improve your company’s mobile website and its usability is to seek the professional help of experienced web designers. The web marketing team of Deprigo Inc. can offer you the web design you need for the results you want. For more information, contact Deprigo Inc. today.

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