3 Questions That Will Help You Look Your Best When Networking

Networking: How to Dress to Impress

If you are like me, networking is part of your weekly life. Most of the time my thought is, “Eek! What am I going to wear!?” There are quite a few things I like to take into consideration when planning the perfect Networking Outfit. Believe me, I have learned the hard way!

If you are attending a lunch networking event, you can usually dress a bit more casual. My mother did always tell me ‘you can never be too overdressed’. So, no I do not suggest jeans, but you can choose more color, jacketless options, or even flats. If you are attending an evening networking event, steer more towards darker shades of clothing.  Darker shades tend to appear dressier and more professional. Your main goal is to ‘dress to impress’, right? Let’s say you are doing both today, it’s simple to transition your outfit from lunch to evening wear. For example, if you chose a colorful dress for your lunch event, bring a dark blazer or cardigan to layer on top.

This is HUGE. Have you ever worn an outfit to an event that was completely uncomfortable? You probably found yourself distracted throughout the whole event. Whether you were adjusting or felt it was too tight. That is miserable! Make sure your outfit is not too tight, low cut or too short. Those are all distractions you can avoid, as well. When you plan your outfit think about the comfort level of those certain pants or shoes. There are several women that cannot handle the thought of heels to stand around in at a function – I GET IT! That is where the low chunky heel comes into play. These are great with a dress, a skirt or slacks. And not to mention a lifesaver at times! Being comfortable yet confident makes your time much more enjoyable while mingling with other business professionals at all your events.

In this day and age, most business women have their favorite ‘statement piece’ in their wardrobe. It may be a bright colored skirt, a pair of patterned shoes, or a chunky necklace. These are all great things to consider when planning your outfit for a networking event. You can keep it professional and show your style off at the same time. Make sure to pair your statement piece with neutrals so you can make that item pop. Sometimes your favorite statement piece can strike up conversation, too!  If you find yourself going to several events, you can come up with a few favorite outfits that you can intermix with each other to make it easier on your busy schedule.

Hopefully now you can now peruse your closet with less stress. Happy Planning!


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