2019 Healthcare Marketing Trends You Should Be Using Right Now

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2019 Healthcare Marketing Trends You Should Be Using Right Now

There’s nothing simple about healthcare marketing. For your organization, you need to look for fresh ideas and different ways you can attract new customers. 2019 can be your year for success if you follow these three trends:

Everything digital is taking precedence over other forms of marketing and advertising, and you need to stay ahead of the curve. One thing you cannot miss is video marketing. Video marketing allows you to engage your customers while building trust and creating brand awareness.

In other words, YouTube needs to be your best friend. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this platform is only a video website- it is a search engine. Did you know YouTube receives over 3 billion searches each month? People use YouTube more than Yahoo, AOL, Ask.com, and AOL when they are combined! These statistics make YouTube a powerful search engine your organization should be using.

Video marketing can be used to share your company’s vision, dreams, products, introduce staff members, and share the company’s daily routine to give customers insight on what you do to keep your business running smoothly. Video marketing is essential for personalizing your brand, so experiment with all of your options.

What people say about your organization can make or break you. The overall success of your business is dependent on your online reputation more than ever before. Without an impressive online reputation, your business is in danger of falling behind.

Your reputation is a form of currency and you need to spend money to make money. Your online reputation adheres to your business like glue, so getting a series of negative reviews will cause your reputation to plummet. Did you know more than 55 percent of people trust the information they find online more than any other source of information? Today’s society is leaving the age of information and embracing the age of reputation. So, ensure that you are effectively managing your online reputation! 

Whether you need a few new patients or a slew of patients, content marketing and educational content is an effective way to achieve your goals. There was a time when marketing consisted of placing banners and pop up ads on websites, but that should stay in the past. Those techniques will not get you too far in 2019. Why? Over 15 percent of internet users have ad blockers, so your banners and ads don’t stand a chance. You need to be efficient and thorough with your content strategy. Your content needs to be on your website, as many social media platforms as possible, and on popular digital platforms. 

Here are a few ways to start using content marketing:

  1. Start a blog- People are turning to the internet for healthcare advice and you can be the local source they trust when they need help!
  2. Start a podcast- You know valuable information that people would love to learn about. Share your expertise in a podcast and generate new leads by providing valuable information.
  3. Video- As I said before, you need to embrace video in 2019. Share what’s going on in your organization. Show people how you work and you can build trust with your target audience.

Healthcare marketing has a lot in store for 2019, and you don’t want your organization to be left behind. Stay up to date on the current trends and use these tips and advice to grow to where you want to be! 

If these tips are out of your wheelhouse or if you’d like to trust the experts, contact us to see how we can help with your healthcare marketing strategy!

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