Branded Water Bottles that Will Increase Your Market Share!

Tip Tuesday 10

Here at Deprigo, we believe that your promo products should be as unique as your business. That’s why we offer everything you could possibly need to put your best foot forward! We’re excited to highlight this unique product on today’s Tip Tuesday!

The best promo products are the ones that your customers will actually use. The more your products are out and about with your customers, the more people your brand will reach!

This product is sure to make it out into the community with your customers because it’s useful in four different ways:

  1. First, and most obviously, it’s a water bottle! But it’s also more than that. This is an 18-oz container of pure joy, making it perfect for holding your customers’ favorite beverages- hot or cold.
  2. Second, it’s a detachable Bluetooth speaker. This makes it perfect for any event, even if that event is just a typical day in the office.
  3. Third, it can act as a remote shutter from the Bluetooth speaker, which fits in nicely with the last feature…
  4. Smartphone stand: you can place your phone in the side of the water bottle so you have the perfect smartphone stand no matter where you go.

So, in theory, you can set you phone up in the stand and then use the remote shutter on the Bluetooth speaker to take photos of your event! Then, cool off with an ice cold sip of your favorite beverage!

Trust us, your customers will love this 4-in-1 water bottle. After all, there’s a reason that its technical name is the “Magical Music Mug.”

If you’d like to bring some magic to your customers with custom promo products, contact us today!


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