Totes That Make Your Brand Memorable

Tip Tuesday 11

This week on #TipTuesday, Hannah is presenting one of our amazing totes:

These days, you can’t find a more useable (or re-useable!) way to get your brand in front of potential customers. These handy bags have a million and one uses, so your customers, parters, and employees are sure to use them in their daily lives!

Don’t miss out on reaching your customers while they shop for groceries or go to the beach or find any reason to need to carry something! Signal to them that your brand is just as dependable as this trustworthy tote.

In case you need a bit more convincing, here are some fast facts about this product:

-This bag is 100% Cotton (so it’s sturdy)

-This bag is 15”X16” (the perfect size for the produce aisle)

-It comes in 16 different colors (so it’s bound to match your branding)

-Its total weight is 6oz (so it’s lightweight and easy to TOTE around)

(Get it? Tote… around…)

If you’re ready to meet your customers wherever they need you most, place your order for these helpful totes!


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