5 Items to Keep Your Team Productive in 2019

5 Items to keep your team productive in 2019

Today marks the twelfth episode of Deprigo Tip Tuesdays and today we are talking about keeping your organization, well… organized! Once you’ve Marie Kondo-ed your office space, you’ll need to fill all those empty spaces with something, right? We’ve got just the items you need to create a peaceful, productive (and properly branded!) workspace!

First, your employees need a branded power bank so they can stay charged up no matter what you throw their way! These banks come in a variety of colors and they are perfect for on-the-go charging!

Second, your employees need a wireless charging mousepad, for when they need to charge up while they work. This mousepad is vegan leather and is perfect for the busy worker who wants their desk to look great while they work!

Next, they’ll need a smartphone desk stand, so “they’re always at your beck and call.” This stand comes in several different metallic finishes and looks great with any logo on the bottom!

They’ll also need a journal, so they can take copious amounts of notes in your morning meetings. These journals come with a pocket (for odds and ends) and a pen loop (for a pen, but you already guessed that). These soft pages will keep them happy while they write.

Last but not least, your employees will love this glass water bottle! It will help them stay hydrated throughout the day, and it’s so stylish they’ll love taking it out and about with them- providing some great marketing for your organization everywhere they go!

If you’re ready to keep your team productive in 2019, give us a call! Or, if you’re looking for a different item to increase productivity, let us know! We’d love to help you find the perfect item for your needs



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