How to Set Up a Flag Banner in 7 EASY Steps!

How to put together a flag banner display

On this week’s #TipTuesday, Jonny and Hannah are showing us how to set up a flag banner display.

This product is ideal for outdoor events and large indoor events. You can use it to frame your booth, draw attention to certain event features, or just to showcase your brand on its own!

Here is a quick breakdown of the setup process:

Step 1:

Remove all parts from the handy carrying case.

Step 2:

Hook the pole pieces together, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest.

Step 3:

Weave the pole into the pocket of the flag through the hole at the bottom corner.

Step 4:

Pull the string at the bottom and tie to the hook as tightly as possible. This will provide tension and keep the flag in place.

Step 5:

If you’re using the X-stand, set the stand where you want it and weigh down (if necessary). If you’re using the ground stake, firmly place the stake where you would like it to be.

Step 6:

Hook the bottom of the flag pole into the base.

Step 7:

Step back to admire your work and get ready for your dream clients to stop by!

And that’s it! This flag banner is a simple, easy way to present your brand and draw attention during any event- just make sure you have enough space to clear it overhead!

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