4 Indicators That It’s Time to Redesign Your Company Website

Posted by | gdeprigo-com | 17 April 2017
Four indicators that it is time to redesign the company website.

If you’re running a business in 2017 and you don’t have a credible website, chances are you’re not going to be running a business very much longer. Not only is it important to have a quality website nowadays, it’s become an essential part of business. Even if you’re truly offering the highest quality products or services, if you aren’t active online and have an attractive and helpful website, you aren’t going to be able to compete with companies that do.

Just having a website, however, isn’t going to cut it, either. You’re going to want to focus on having a website that users will actually enjoy visiting. So how often should you redesign your web design?

    • If your search rankings start to tank — Search engine optimization and the quality of your website virtually go hand in hand. If you begin to notice that you’re website’s listing is falling further and further down on search engine results pages, especially if it creeps into the uncharted third, fourth page, and beyond, you should consider working with professional web designers and improve your site’s look and feel.


    • If it’s been more than three years — Sometimes, even if you have a great looking website, it can still feel out-of-date if it’s been long enough. At the very least, you should redesign your website once every three years, but if you really want to remain competitive in your industry, consider redesigning your site on a much more frequent basis.


    • If you aren’t mobile friendly — Technology has grown rapidly over the last few decades. Today, the majority of people do their online browsing with a mobile device and not just a desktop or laptop computer. Because of the popularity of mobile web surfing, it’s essential that you have a website that is completely mobile compatible.


  • If your site is taking too long to load — Roughly 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if it takes too long to load. Even if a single image isn’t working, people are going to leave within seconds of visiting your site because they can easily find a more accessible website after another search. Make sure your site is working properly and operates at a fast speed.

Internet marketing is extremely important if you want to grow your company. If you need help with your company’s web design, SEO, or are in need of digital printing services, contact Deprigo today.

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