5 Tips for Writing an Email That Will Convert Leads

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5 Tips for Writing an Email That Will Convert Leads

Email marketing is a tough nut for many companies to crack because it requires more skill than most people realize. The following five tips provide a basic and effective guide for improving your email marketing campaigns.

1. Make Your Subject Line Count

A good subject line is blunt and to the point while also being evocative. For example, a subject line like “Why OUR PRODUCT Helps Save You Money” is simple while also discussing a benefit of your service. Make sure you highlight the best advantage and be as specific as possible.

2. Remember: Concision is Your Best Friend

Your readers aren’t going to want to read a 2,000-word monster email. In fact, most people typically give on an email after 500-700 words. So keep your message short and focused: concision of this type requires really understanding your product and service.

3. Break Your Copy Up Into Small One-Point Paragraphs

In your short email, you should have several points that you break up into smaller one-point paragraphs. Add headings to these paragraphs to make your email scannable and to give your readers the chance to better understand its overall message.

4. Add Colorful Images

When you add colorful and dynamic images – such as pictures of the product or relevant statistics about its use – to your emails, you capture the imagination of its readers. Just as importantly, you break up walls of static text and make it more comfortable to read.

5. Use Subtle Retargeting Links

Retargeting links take your potential customers to a shop where they can purchase your product or services. These links should be subtly-integrated into your emails to make them apparent but not too obvious. Target your online shop, first, and then destinations like Amazon.
These simple email marketing tips will help bring people to your company more effectively than you were before trying out these tips. Make sure that you vary these tips, as necessary, to suit your specific business needs. And contact us to get help with your new – and newly effective – email marketing campaign.

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