Tip Tuesday 11
Posted by Madison Carter | January 28, 2019
Totes That Make Your Brand Memorable

This week on #TipTuesday, Hannah is presenting one of our amazing totes: These days, you can’t find a more useable (or re-useable!) way to get your brand in front...

Trade Show
Posted by Madison Carter | January 28, 2019
The Top 5 Trade Show Trends You Need to Know in 2019

With 2019 underway, trade shows will be kicking into high gear for various industries. It is an especially exciting time for the tech industry, which is brimming with anticipation and...

How To Use Email Marketing to Convert Leads
Posted by Madison Carter | January 22, 2019
5 Tips for Writing an Email That Will Convert Leads

Email marketing is a tough nut for many companies to crack because it requires more skill than most people realize. The following five tips provide a basic and effective guide...

Tip Tuesday 10
Posted by Madison Carter | January 21, 2019
Branded Water Bottles that Will Increase Your Market Share!

Here at Deprigo, we believe that your promo products should be as unique as your business. That's why we offer everything you could possibly need to put your best foot forward!...

Tip Tuesday 9
Posted by Madison Carter | January 14, 2019
How to Use Branded Tech Gloves to Reach Your Customers!

Winter is in full swing here in Bakersfield and you need something that will keep you warm while you work! Enter: Branded Tech Gloves     It’s the little tool...

5 reasons SEO is important for business and 3 tools you can use
Posted by Madison Carter | January 10, 2019
5 Reasons SEO Is Important for Business and 3 Tools You Can Use Now

Today in the digital world we live in, the internet holds all the answers, whether right or wrong. The internet is also your best friend if you intend on growing...

Tip Tuesday 8
Posted by Madison Carter | January 7, 2019
Top Three Tips for Using Hashtags on Twitter

Today, we bring you the final installment of our series on hashtags. So far, we’ve covered using hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and now we close this series with...

Top 3 Inbound Marketing Trends for 2019
Posted by Madison Carter | January 7, 2019
Top 3 Inbound Marketing Trends for 2019

Inbound marketing saves time and effort and has a higher sales conversion percentage than traditional marketing. Consumers are more likely to engage with an inbound marketing strategy that provides value....

Tip Tuesday: Episode 7
Posted by Madison Carter | December 18, 2018
The Three Best Ways to Engage with Hashtags on LinkedIn

Today’s Tip Tuesday is part three of a four-part series on hashtags. Last week, we talked about using hashtags on Facebook as part of your overall marketing strategy. This week we...