Elements of web design
Posted by G Riar | March 24, 2017
5 Key Elements Every Good Website Should Have

If you want to get ahead in the internet marketing game, the first thing to do is lock down an amazing website. Unfortunately a good domain name just won't cut...

Web design screen
Posted by G Riar | March 6, 2017
5 Ways Internet Marketing can Benefit Independent Small Businesses

If you're of the mindset that internet marketing doesn't matter for small businesses, you're probably not privy to the fact that one in three smartphone searches are performed just before...

Digital Benefits good graphic design
Posted by G Riar | March 1, 2017
Let’s Get Digital: A Few of the Benefits of Good Graphic Design on Your Website

If you're focusing on Internet marketing for your business, it's possible that you may have left your web design to fall to the wayside. Whether it's outdated or it simply...

SEO analytics
Posted by G Riar | June 16, 2016
Common misconceptions of SEO

Ranking signal studies and anecdotal feedback point toward the growing importance of user signals in search results. Historically, the link graph has been the primary mechanism for Google and other...

Posted by G Riar | June 16, 2016
5 Simple Tips For Boosting Referrals

Efforts to win referrals will be wasted unless you first make yourself a sales professional worthy of being referred. This means being responsive and reliable – doing what you say...

Just Eat Taxi
Posted by G Riar | June 16, 2016
Brand Marketing is a Growth Hack: Here’s the Recipe

Today’s treat is a guest post from entrepreneur, marketing mastermind, and 500 founder Mat Braddy, founder of ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS and former CMO of Just Eat, a European “unicorn” that...

Trend Setters
Posted by G Riar | June 16, 2016
Will trend-setters shape marketing in 2016?

School isn’t even out, but marketers are already finalizing their strategies for the upcoming shopping frenzy that precedes each new scholastic year. Data from Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity,...

notepad branding sketch
Posted by G Riar | June 16, 2016
Why Your Brand Touches Everything You Do

I sat down with Margaret Molloy, the chief marketer at Siegel+Gale, to talk about what goes into building a brand. Hint: It's more than your logo and corporate colors. What...

Posted by G Riar | June 16, 2016
Why Successful People Take 10 Years to ‘Succeed Overnight’

There's a reason this 10-years-to-overnight-success pattern shows up over and over. And it's not just about working hard over a long period of time. I know from personal experience. In...