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HIPAA Emails
Posted by G Riar | May 28, 2019
What are the HIPAA Requirements for Email Encryption?

If you’re involved in the healthcare field, you may have wondered what are HIPAA’s exact requirements, when it comes to email encryption. Understandably, not too many people are willing to...

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Web Education
Posted by Pedro Camacho | May 16, 2019
Web Education in 5 Easy Steps [Article]

Before Development Your website is a landing place for your customers, and we all know how important they are! But, where do you start if you need a new website?...

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How to Use Instagram
Posted by Madison Carter | April 19, 2019
How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Organization

Did you know that 500 million people use Instagram stories every day and one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses? Also, 80% of users follow at least one...

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How to place your order
Posted by Madison Carter | April 16, 2019
How to Place YOUR order with Deprigo!

This week, we're walking you through the ordering process for all our print and promotional materials.

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Give Big Kern
Posted by Madison Carter | April 11, 2019
Noticeable Nonprofit: Give Big Kern What is Give Big Kern? Give Big Kern is "one day to celebrate the giving spirit of Kern County." This county-wide celebration of giving is a chance for nonprofits...

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How to use seo to rank on Google
Posted by Madison Carter | March 27, 2019
How to Use SEO to Rank on Google

Learn how to use SEO to improve your ranking in Google search. Meet your customers where they are and answer the questions they didn't know they had with Search Engine...

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Posted by Madison Carter | March 25, 2019
Noticeable Nonprofit: Alzheimer’s Disease Association of Kern County

The Alzheimer's Disease Association of Kern County is an organization that works to improve the lives of Kern County Residents affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Through their activities-based...

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How to choose the right photos for your design
Posted by Madison Carter | March 15, 2019
How to Choose the Right Photos for Your Design

Here at Deprigo, we create hundreds of designs for both print and digital use each month and through all those projects we’ve learned a thing or two about best practices....

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How to put together a tension fabric display
Posted by Madison Carter | February 25, 2019
How to Put Together a Tension Fabric Display

We’ve found it! You wouldn’t believe it, but we’ve found the cure for Wrinkly Fabric Backdrop Syndrome. It’s called a Tension Fabric Display. This product is an upgrade from the...

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