Custom Apparel Silk Screen & Embroidery

Custom apparel print on quality brand t-shirts, polos, hoodies, hats, and more!

Custom Polo embroidery

Silk Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is our most cost-effective option for large quantity apparel orders. The process involves separating each color into its own mesh screen. Designs with various colors are applied as individual layers, using separate stencils for each color. This process is recommended for event tees.

Silk Screening Printing Services

How to Prepare Artwork for Screen Printing?

If you’d like to send us your own artwork, we’ll need it to be broken up in a very specific format.

  • 1 Complete artwork image. This is the content on a background similar to the shirt color.
  • Artboard size of 13″x13″ for full front/back imprint.
  • Each color must be separated into its own file and filled in black in the same artboard size and where it would align with the other colors.
  • For each color other than black or white, provide a Pantone color so we can match it, and stay consistent for future orders.

What can be Screen Printed?

We recommend screen printing for shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and woolen tote bags.

Many of our promo products are also screen printed by the manufacturer.

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All machine embroidery needs a file we refer to as the “digitized” file. At Deprigo, the format we require is .dst that works with the Tajima embroidery machine. Depending on the fabric material, different techniques for embroidery may be needed. Meaning, if you’ve had your logo digitized for a polo, it may not work well for embroidering on a hat or beanie and we’ll have to re-digitize the logo. There’s a 1-time charge for digitizing artwork, and you’ll be free to reuse the embroidery file without charge.
Custom Embroidery

How to Prepare Artwork for Embroidery?

We will take care of setting up your artwork for embroidery, but we’ll first need to have a vector format artwork. We also have designers in house that can help you vectorize your logo. The info below is for designers who’d like to provide their own files.

  • The size of the artwork should be exactly the size it will be when on the apparel.
  • The artwork size for left/right chest on polos is 4″x4″ 
  • The artwork size for headgear is 3.25″x2.75″
  • Artwork needs to be digitized. If you’ve had embroidery done in the past and paid for digitizing, you may ask for the embroidery file to avoid the cost of redigitizing.

What can be Embroidered?

We recommend embroidery for polos, jackets, hats, and scarfs.

Embroidered artwork is usually max size of 4″x4″.