Everything You Should Know About Logos

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Everything You Should Know About Logos

Sometimes what we think is the problem is NOT the problem and can throw away a lot of money. A logo on its own is just a mark, and it does nothing without an effective strategy behind your business. It’s true that choosing a logo can be one of the most important things you can do for your business, but it’s really just a reflection of what your business already is and what you want it to become. Without that strategy and clear identity already in place, paying for a logo will not solve any of your problems. But with that strategy and clear identity in place, a great logo (like the ones we design here at Deprigo) will take your business to the next level, and will solidify and spread your brand identity.
That said, how can you choose the perfect logo to represent you?

There are some basic rules that we follow for logo designs.

Keep it simple and easy to read

Your logo is a mark, and it should be easy to remember. Think Apple and Nike. Even popular brands like Starbucks has had to simplify their logo significantly since they first started.

It must work well in color and black and white

This is an issue we deal with a lot. There are some pretty good illustrative colorful logos that we see, but they are completely unrecognizable as single color logos, or just lose interest without color. If you think, “That’s fine, I’ll never use it as a single color,” just consider that if you ever sponsor an event, and want your logo displayed on t-shirts, you’ll have to use a single color version of your logo.

Layout, size, and negative space

If your designer is not already doing this, request to see different layouts of the same logo. See CSUB’s Branding Guide for a good example of variation. Your logo will need to work well in small and large sizes. If there’s too much detail, it will be lost, when used in small objects. There needs to be enough negative space between elements, that your logo still looks good embroidered.

Your logo in use

Lastly, you’ll want to see your logo in use before you decide on the design. Ask your designer for mockups, see it as part of a business card, pen, shirt, hat, billboard. This will help you see your logo in context, and help you decide if everything works well.

This largely depends on how much you’re spending for a logo. You could, like many of our customers (before they come to us), only receive a JPG or PNG of your logo from a designer on craigslist or other online services. This is the absolute worst thing you could do, even if it’s an amazing logo.

You’ll always want to obtain the vector version of your logo; you don’t have a logo until you have it in vector format. If you’re paying over $100, this should be part of the deal.

But it’s highly recommended to go to a professional where you can expect a complete presentation. Your logo in all its variations, fonts used, colors, and mockups.

We understand everyone’s needs and budgets are different and will help you make the wisest decisions for your situation. We do more than just logos, contact us to discuss how else we can help you.

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