Noticeable Nonprofit: Give Big Kern

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Noticeable Nonprofit: Give Big Kern

What is Give Big Kern?

Give Big Kern is “one day to celebrate the giving spirit of Kern County.” This county-wide celebration of giving is a chance for nonprofits to work together with the Kern Community Foundation to generate awareness, drive donations, and entice new volunteers to join their cause.
Participating nonprofits have access to the Give Big Kern donation portal, training workshops, events, local activities, and opportunities to connect with other nonprofits in our community.
All this adds up to a HUGE opportunity for growth and success! And when our nonprofits succeed, our community succeeds!

How can I help?

First off, head over to Give Big Kern’s website:

If you’re able to donate money to a good cause, you have a couple of options! From the home page, you can either search for your favorite nonprofit by using the search bar at the top right corner:

Or, just click the big, orange button that says “GIVE B-I-I-I-G NOW!”

Then find an organization to show some love!

From there, you can donate or set up a fundraiser!
Or, you can volunteer with an organization! Just fill out the volunteer application:

There are lots of other ways to get involved, too! There are different businesses around town running fundraisers and events through May 7th.
For instance, you can head over to Cornerstone Bakery and pick up a Give Big Kern Cupcake! Our team made a field trip out of it and picked up a few cupcakes last Friday! These colorful concoctions really brightened our day.


So… what are you waiting for?

Join us to celebrate this great day and support our community!


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