Graphic Design

You’ll find we’re the number one graphic design company when it comes to quality/cost. Because of our business model, we’re able to keep top quality design at affordable prices.

What Graphic Design Services are offered?

As a full-service graphic design company, we offer everything. We understand each person will have different needs, tastes, and allowances, that is why our design process starts with building relationships to produce an experience tailored just for you.

Graphic Designer using tablet

Logo Design

As a company that prints on various products, we understand the importance of a good logo. It should be easy to recognize, work in a single color, work small and large, and be flexible. If your logo doesn’t look as good on a coffee cup as it does on a pen, let us help you redesign to achieve that professional logo you deserve.

Branding Guide

While logos are a great mark for recognition, it still needs a lot of help from outside sources. A branding guide will help set in the values of your company, the tone of your messages through font, words, and images. Your brand is how others see you, and a branding guide is your guidebook to help you control that.

Small Print Design

No matter how far we’ve come in digital advertisement, there’s always room for business cards, brochures, posters, and other print material. 

Large Print Design

Large print products such as banners, signs,  and window decals are great and even greater when they are designed beautifully and eye-catching. 

T-shirt Art Design

We have more limitations when designing for apparel, but that not mean your design needs to be boring. You may check out our apparel page to see our options.

Billboard Design

Billboards are still a very useful marketing strategy and designing for billboards requires more experience than other products. If you want to make sure your billboard is perfect, only go with a professional graphic design company (like us).

Free Design Services when you work with Deprigo

We have a team of graphic designers in-house which means we can offer certain services to make your life easier.

  • Proofs and Mockups – We’ll send you proofs and mockups to confirm your product looks exactly as you’ve envisioned.
  • File Checking – If you’ve sent us print-ready artwork, we’ll have our team look at it to make sure everything is perfect for print. If we find something, we’ll check with you before printing.
  • Consultations – Not sure how to go about a design? You can sit down with a designer to discuss the design details.
  • File Retention – We’ll keep your files saved in our servers in case you ever need them from us.