Hire A Local Company for Your Bakersfield Social Media Management

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Hire A Local Company for Your Bakersfield Social Media Management

Take a moment, open a new tab, and Google “Bakersfield Social Media Marketing.”

What do you see?


Lots of ads…. lots of ads for companies that do social media marketing.

Look closer.

A couple of minutes of digging will show you that some, if not most, of these ads are from national, or even global, companies. These companies have seemingly excellent credentials and are ready to give you the moon.

Sounds great, right? Every business owner wants the moon!

But, wait! Who are these people?

Before I continue, please note, I’m not saying these people aren’t excellent at their jobs, because I’m sure they are. And I’m sure they work very hard and have lofty, specialized degrees in moon-giving. But… who are they?

The saying is true that you get what you pay for, and I’ve seen many companies try to skimp on their marketing efforts just to get skimpy results. And since social media marketing is so new (and typically misunderstood and under-valued), businesses are all too quick to brush it aside or try to cut costs by hiring the cheapest possible bid to manage their accounts. And the cheapest possible bid is almost always coming from an out-of-town company.

In many ways, it seems the rise of the digital economy, globalization, and social media itself, have disconnected us from our need for personal connection. We all know that strong communities are built on strong local businesses, and yet we are so ready to outsource some of our most important business functions to companies outside of our community run by people we’ll never meet. All for what? A couple of extra bucks?

I know your bottom line is important. But so is quality. And so is our community.

So, here’s my pitch for why you should choose a local marketing agency to manage your Bakersfield social media marketing, and why the cost is ultimately worth it.

1. We know our Bakersfield community.

Honestly, Bakersfield is a really odd place, and people can’t understand what a strange, wonderful market this is until they’ve lived here and experienced it for themselves. We know how our neighbors talk and what our neighbors like to see online.

We’re not L.A., we’re not San Francisco, we’re not London, or New Delhi, or Moscow. We’re different, and you need someone who understands that. Our team is out and about, interacting with our neighbors- your customers. We know what’s going on in their world and we can speak to that on your social media pages.

What's going on in your world

2. We are close-by and attentive.

I had an experience recently with one of our vendors that is a huge, global software company. I had a problem with their service and I needed help finding a solution. I had to reach out to them through email, Facebook, and even Twitter, because (get this!) they don’t have a phone number! That’s right! There was no one I could call, no one that would help me, and I had to wait over five days to get a simple response from this company.

Needless to say, we no longer use their services.

I don’t want you to have that experience- I don’t want anyone to have that experience! And that can easily happen to you if you choose a cheap, out-of-town company to run your social media.

On the other hand, if you choose a local marketing company, your team is right down the street. If there’s a problem, you know how to get a hold of us and you know where we are. And, to put it bluntly, we have an active interest in keeping you happy because one unhappy customer can easily tarnish our reputation in this small community.

3. We care about our customers because you’re our neighbors.

On that note, we are local, we are small, and we are deeply invested in helping our partners succeed. Because when you succeed, so do we! Our survival depends on our reputation, and our reputation depends on happy partners. So, we make sure our partners are happy.

Hire us.

Each and every one of our partners is crucial to our success as a business, and we work tirelessly to ensure your objectives are met and you are happy. That is a level of attention that you just won’t get with the big guys.

We know how to manage your social media accounts and create content that delivers results! You don’t need to look beyond your own backyard, because we have all the talent you need right down the street. We may not be the cheapest option, but we are affordable, and a worthy investment for your business.

Make the investment and hire a local team to handle your social media.

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