How to Make a Strong First Impression (That Lasts!)

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How to Make a Strong First Impression (That Lasts!)
How to Make a Strong First Impression (That Lasts!) 1

Whether you are trying to make an impression on a new client you would like to partner with or a new friend, it has got to be STRONG. You want them to remember you, right? Maybe even turn that potential new client into a friend. Here are a few things that I’ve learned over the years to make this possible.
You have probably heard this one before. Eye contact is crucial because it lets the other person know you are interested and engaged in your conversation. If the tables were turned wouldn’t you want to feel like someone you just met is interested and engaged with you? This simple action also helps me remember them, too. The end result is that you want them to reach out to you – giving you their business or meeting you for lunch.

How to Make a Strong First Impression (That Lasts!) 2

Every networking event (or even social event) you go to, you are most likely expected to introduce yourself and tell a bit about what you do and who you are. That can sometimes be a little awkward especially in a room full of ‘strangers’. Next time you are sharing what it is you do or who you are, try this- instead of immediately unloading the cannon by saying, “Hi, my name is Hannah, I am an Account Executive for Deprigo,” think of ways to make that statement broader. Try instead, ‘Hi, my name is Hannah, I help businesses that help others through meeting their printing and promotional needs.’ This opens the conversation up to questions about what exactly you do, how you do it and who you work for. Now you are no longer twiddling your thumbs in the corner thinking of every way you could escape.

How to Make a Strong First Impression (That Lasts!) 3

These days, we all have the means to connect on LinkedIn and Facebook (and don’t forget Instagram!), and there’s the tried and true method of handing out your paper business cards. To take connecting to the next level, I tried this quick and easy tip a former coworker mentioned – create a contact in your phone with of all your contact information, your headshot, company website, and whatever else is relevant. (You can even store your social profiles there, too!) Next time you are meeting with a prospect or networking, simply send them this digital business card along with handing out your paper business card. Voila! You are now with them everywhere they go.  

Okay, you have made tons of eye contact, you have answered questions about what it is you do, and you have given out your paper and digital business cards. Now what?

How to Make a Strong First Impression (That Lasts!) 4

This step is very easy to forget in the midst of all the conversations and people you have just met. However, this step is the most important of the impression you are making. It does not end when you leave the meeting or event, it is so beneficial to follow up with your new contacts. A short and sweet email thanking them for their time and all the information they shared is a wonderful way for them to remember you. After all, that is what we wanted! Happy Impressing!

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