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Kern Community Foundation is in the business of helping people support the causes they care about most. They connect generous donors – individuals, families and businesses – to energized community members and organizations, matching their charitable interests with our community’s needs. The passion we share unites us, inspires us, and drives us toward a bold vision for the future – to make Kern County more vibrant, healthier and stronger for all of its residents.

Deprigo Media has established a reputation as the go-to printer for nonprofits in Greater Bakersfield. More than a supplier, Deprigo is a partner that works with nonprofits’ limited budgets to help charities stretch their dollars to meet community needs. They have a dedicated Community Relations Manager, Jonny Perez, who is personable and present at numerous outreach events throughout the year that cater to our local business community. We believe in Deprigo so much, that we hold them up as an example, in a contributed article to the Oct/Nov 2017 issue of the Kern Business Journal, to illustrate how nonprofit/for-profit partnerships like the ones they build with local charitable organizations can turn into a benefit for the greater community.