Proper Printer Setup with Deprigo

Printer setup is different for different jobs, read about the best practices for setting up your files for print with Deprigo.

Print Set Up

Please follow this guide to ensure your prints are produced within your timeframe and of the best quality. Our in-house Graphic Designers can help you with these issues with a graphic design fee added to your order.

File Formats

We only print in PDF format. Files should be sized at the correct finish size. Only small-format print jobs require to bleed if there’s artwork up to the edge.

For logos, we request the vector artwork which are AI, EPS, SVG, and PDF, but high-resolution PNG are also accepted. 

Fonts & Images

Fonts should be outlined and images embedded. If your fonts are not outlined, there’s a chance it will change to a default font when printing. We check each file we print and reach out if we find this to be an issue, however, we cannot be responsible for not catching this.

Some images, like backgrounds and texture, will not be obvious if they’re missing from a print, please embed all images to avoid this issue.


All artwork and embedded images must be CMYK Color Mode. Please let us know if you need specific Pantone Colors used and we’ll keep a note of that for all your projects.


For the best results, please make sure image resolution is at least 300dpi. If your image is notably low quality, we’ll let you know and will need approval to continue.

Bleed & Safety Space

Please give 0.125″ bleed (red overlay gets cut off) around your artboard if you are running images or colors to the edge of the page. No bleed is needed when the edges are white. Adding .125″ of bleed around will add .25″ to the overall document size Safety space is 0.125″ padding inside from the cutline. All text and important information should be inside the safety line.

What’s Bleed and Safety Space?