Graphic Design

Let the graphics do the talking

Services - Logo Design


A logo is a cornerstone asset for any organization, the symbols mean nothing on their own, but within the context of your brand, it can portray so much meaning. It is the signature of your brand; it gives quality to products, and it quickly identifies you in a busy world.

Services - Vector artwork


You don’t have a logo unless you own the vector file. If you don’t have your logo vectorized, you’ll want to make that a priority. A vector version of your logo will let you blow it up to the size of the moon without losing resolution. It will also be needed for making cut files, embroidery files, signs, and even high-quality web graphics. Vectorized artwork will always be pristine quality when printed, and you need pristine quality products.

Services - Graphic Design

Design Anything

Our in-house designers can help you design anything you need. From simple cards to multipage booklets. Our designers are experienced in designing for every product we produce, and you’ll receive proofs to make sure everything looks just the way you want it.

We can also provide you with a template to help make your life easier!

Services - Pre Press

Pre-Press File Setup

One of the most intimidating things about printing large quantities is not being sure if your artwork is prepared correctly. We’ll look at your files and notify you if there’s anything less than perfect. Look at our Resources Page, for a guide on preparing your files, if you still need more help, you can call us for clarification.