Timely Turnarounds: The Insider's Guide to Finishing Your Print Order Quickly & Correctly

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Timely Turnarounds: The Insider's Guide to Finishing Your Print Order Quickly & Correctly

So, you have decided to order the next project on your promotional products list. This may be your 100th order or your first print purchase. Either way, here are a few tips on getting exactly what you want sooner rather than later. But first, a little background on the flow of your order during production and how this affects your turn around.

It’s time! Put in your order- it’s as easy as writing an email or placing a call. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before ordering:

1. Will this need to be designed? If not, is my artwork ready for print?

2. When must these products be completed? Always ask what the turnaround time is for your product. Then ask about additional design time & delivery if needed.

3. What are the quantity and budget? If you have a budget in mind, let us know! Often we can work within your budget to get you an upgraded look or a similar, less costly version of what you are looking for.

4. Is everything spelled correctly? On orders or reorders with new information and names, always send the information via email to ensure correct spelling. This will speed up the proofing process in the next step and save you some possible headaches down the road.

Your order is in! Whether it’s a shirt, a pen, or anything else, we now have the blank canvas to use for your design. In the background, we are still following the flow to get your order out correctly & quickly. Graphic design is crucial to your turnaround time. If this is a new design, here are a few tips to help communicate the look you want:

  1. Examples:
    We love examples. They can be digital inspiration, paper samples, and even drawings of what you’re looking for.
  2. Content:
    If you have a high-resolution logo or photos you would like to use, send them via email as soon as your order is placed. If you can’t find your logo in high-resolution, don’t worry, we can recreate it. If you want to avoid a recreation fee, though, the person that originally created the logo should have a backup.
  3. Mission:
    Let us know your mission. What is your background, what do you see for your future, and what are key descriptive words about your company?

These steps will help in quickly displaying your needs to the designer. This helps them (and you!) have a clear understanding, making for a quicker design turn around. Once the designer has started, each product ordered takes 24-48 hours. Remember that your order is in a queue with other customers. Although your design may only take 4 hours, others who have ordered ahead are having designs fulfilled as well. Remember this for your timeline and allow for the full 48 hours. The files are adjusted for print and a proof is sent out for approval on ALL ORDERS. Keep a watchful eye on your email! This is very important as your order WILL NOT go to production without your final approval. Deprigo will send email reminders and always includes turnaround information on the right-hand side of digital proofs.

The final design is approved and your product is about to come to life. The order is numbered and put back into its queue awaiting the final steps. Here are a few more behind the scenes info to remember about the final process:

1. Order Approval Only AFTER approval is received will production turnaround time start. Remember even small, simple orders take multiple steps in the production warehouse.

2. Setup Time Larger quantity orders occupy more time to press but the setup time on any order is the same, large or small.

3. Color Variations Colors can vary slightly from your screen; if there is no mention of spot colors and you would like to see a hard copy, always tell your designer this before final approval of the design. With that, your order is complete and ready for pick up. Congratulations! We did it in record time!

Hopefully, this inside look at the 3 steps your order takes from start to finish will help you in future orders. We are dedicated to helping our customers build a meaningful relationship of trust and consistency. These few tips along the way will help us all work together efficiently and create more amazing content for the City of Bakersfield to enjoy.

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